Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"The Mightly Power"--Moriyama by Ringo Tang

Daido Moriyama is celebrating his first solo exhibition in Hong Kong. This short film by Ringo Tang, "The Mighty Power," follows Moriyama as he wonders the streets of Hong Kong, providing some fascinating insight into his processes, and his understanding of the importance and power of photography. He explains how photography, today, is much more casual and personal: more inline with his own approach as it has been documented across his career. What I enjoy the most is how Tang's film captures Moriyama as he lurks around the city of Hong Kong, experiencing his passion for life and photography in his own way. It makes me want to pick up a camera and travel--alone--into the shadows of a great city. As Moriyama says, "I love to burrow in mysterious lanes, to detect the unusual scent [...;] cities are flooded with desire." Enjoy.
Source: Nowness

Daido Moriyama: The Mighty Power on Nowness.com.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Drew Droege as Chloe Sevigny

It has come to my attention that Drew Droege does a wonderful job impersonating actress/designer/trendsetter Chloe Sevigny. But what has struck me, and what Droege seems to realize too, is that his depiction of Sevigny is more inspired than representational. In fact, the fake Chloe Sevigny is really her own person who just happens to have a few things in common with the real scenestanista. That is what I find so fantastic about Drew Droege's work: he has taken what was to be a parody, and elevated and molded it into its very own symbol of pretension. And I doubt the real Sevigny is as pretentious as Droege's creation; she's just fortunate to lead a very interesting life. I can't seem to get enough of Droege's character, whoever she may be. Check it out for yourself.

Daily Beast article
Drew Droege on Twitter

Friday, August 3, 2012

Pussy Riot, "Punk Prayer"

This is just another indication that the world is off-kilter. Yes, look to Russia and Mr. Putin for an example of why I can be rather pessimistic about the human condition--or that of our social structures. (I'm quite certain that in the next 5 years we will see drones flying above us, adroitly taking note and inventory of our lives.) I have personally felt and seen the continuing invasion of privacy and freedom of speech. And take note: sometimes such encroachments are clandestine. However, in the case of Pussy Riot, those tactics have been quite open and unapologetic. Members of the collective--mothers, sisters, daughters, partners, leaders, citizens--have been put on trial and face up to 7 years imprisonment for "hate crimes" against the church in Russia. Strange, at least it seems to me, since the true "hate crime" is the Russian governments forced squelching of the voices of citizens. We must hope that that attention their story is getting will help Pussy Riot escape from the clutches of a fiercely brutal and power-hungry political system. Furthermore, let their story be a warning to us all about the lengths the people-at-the-top will go to keep their privileged positions--including selling arms to a deadly regime in Syria or ebbing the human rights of its own citizens. See the video and words that started the fire below.


St. Maria, Virgin, Drive away Putin
Drive away! Drive away Putin!
(end chorus)

Black robe, golden epaulettes
All parishioners are crawling and bowing
The ghost of freedom is in heaven
Gay pride sent to Siberia in chains

The head of the KGB is their chief saint
Leads protesters to prison under escort
In order not to offend the Holy
Women have to give birth and to love

Holy shit, shit, Lord's shit!
Holy shit, shit, Lord's shit!

St. Maria, Virgin, become a feminist
Become a feminist, Become a feminist
(end chorus)

Church praises the rotten dictators
The cross-bearer procession of black limousines
In school you are going to meet with a teacher-preacher
Go to class - bring him money!

Patriarch Gundyaev believes in Putin
Bitch, you better believed in God
Belt of the Virgin is no substitute for mass-meetings
In protest of our Ever-Virgin Mary!

St. Maria, Virgin, Drive away Putin
Drive away! Drive away Putin!
(end chorus)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Andrea Maestri designs--Milan

Andrea Maestri is based in Milan. This collection, a reader submission to DesignBoom, is self-produced. What I like about it is the simplicity, the playfulness, and the taboo surrounding the pieces, like with the "I love Jesus" coffee table and "Fuck You" table lamp, below. There's a "found" and "repurposed" quality in the work (although I am not certain that is what Maestri has done) I identify with and enjoy--very inspirational.
Check out more of Andrea Maestri's designs HERE.
Source: DesignBoom

Friday, May 18, 2012

Tanlines/Janet Jackson

Tanlines have recently released Mixed Emotions, and I like it for the Simon-esque qualities (Paul). It's mostly playful--or, at least, it moves a bit. Though it is not without its serious moments. A favorite cut is "All of Me." The video is nice, too. However, listening the first time to the song, I was struck by an intertextual connection between it and Janet Jackson's "Escapade." I'm not sure if it's a mood, key, or just the beats, but I feel a bond between the two works. That's what led me to watching Janet's video alongside Tanlines' song. What a marriage! The tribal qualities of Tanlines' work meshes so well with the setting of the "Escapade" video--and just wait until the dancing begins! Mute Janet and start Tanlines at about the 50second mark: then watch Janet's classic video unfold to Tanlines' catchy jangle. Yes, the official video for "All of Me" is interesting enough on its own--a sort of post-communist club reunion gone bizarre, if that's possible. But the meshing with "Escapade" brings an even bigger smile to my face. I wanna go! Enjoy!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kita-Kore, Koenji, Tokyo, Japan

I'm a huge fan of DIY aesthetics and practices--aesthetics meaning the way you can see so much personality and individuality that is bled into many DIY projects and pieces. There has recently been a bright spark of interest in one particular DIY and fashion sector from Tokyo. Of course, I am referring to the Kita-Kore kids in Tokyo's Koenji neighborhood. This is a much older and (maybe until recently) much less touristed section of the city--hence the possibility for start-up, and younger stores/companies being able to afford their spaces (no matter how small--and many are miniscule, yet packed with flavor). The beacon of creativity in the Koenji hood is the Kita-Kore building where one can find stacks and mazes of tiny shops that cater to the most eccentric and vibrantly styled folks who seek out what is next in fashion and design. Style Bubble posted about a trip to the district back in May 2011 in which you can get a better idea about how creatively inspirational these Kita-Kore kids/stores can be.

and HERE
and a Map HERE
also from CNN 

Friday, February 3, 2012

M.I.A. "Bad Girls"

FINALLY!!++M.I.A is BACK--but for real this time!!! This is the best video thus far: 2012. Maybe MDNA had a talk with our truffle frie eatting Sri Lankan pop-raptress. This video and song is the perfect marriage. M.I.A. has taken herself out of the box of "authenticity" and has figured out how to fully realize that which she really is: a woman with a perspective that is so very needed right now. Who that woman is has been so expertly represented in this video for "Bad Girls." M.I.A. has a unique worldview and background, but she is also a pop sensation: at last (I hope I don't speak too soon) she seems to have found the best way to balance the two sides that make her such a unique force in today's Fu*k'd up world!!!! It's so rare that I can be pulled back over into a more "mainstream" music world--but M.I.A is just the woman to do it. I just want it to work this time. Let's just hope Jay-Z doesn't get his hands on this song--PLEZZZZ! she doesn't need 'em.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yayoi Kusama with Louis Vuitton

I've posted on Yayoi Kusama in the past--I suppose I am obsessed with the obsessed (Kusama with dots). This photo I just can't get enough of. It is a still from a meeting Kusama had with Marc Jacobs of Louis Vuitton in 2006. The iconic Japanese artist will have a collaboration between herself and the brand released later this year. I am obsessing over Kusama's eyes: a noticeable spark of life, creativity, exuberance, passion--all there, and surrounded by dots. See more pics from the meeting and collaboration HERE on Tokyo Dandy.