Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Drew Droege as Chloe Sevigny

It has come to my attention that Drew Droege does a wonderful job impersonating actress/designer/trendsetter Chloe Sevigny. But what has struck me, and what Droege seems to realize too, is that his depiction of Sevigny is more inspired than representational. In fact, the fake Chloe Sevigny is really her own person who just happens to have a few things in common with the real scenestanista. That is what I find so fantastic about Drew Droege's work: he has taken what was to be a parody, and elevated and molded it into its very own symbol of pretension. And I doubt the real Sevigny is as pretentious as Droege's creation; she's just fortunate to lead a very interesting life. I can't seem to get enough of Droege's character, whoever she may be. Check it out for yourself.

Daily Beast article
Drew Droege on Twitter

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