Friday, May 18, 2012

Tanlines/Janet Jackson

Tanlines have recently released Mixed Emotions, and I like it for the Simon-esque qualities (Paul). It's mostly playful--or, at least, it moves a bit. Though it is not without its serious moments. A favorite cut is "All of Me." The video is nice, too. However, listening the first time to the song, I was struck by an intertextual connection between it and Janet Jackson's "Escapade." I'm not sure if it's a mood, key, or just the beats, but I feel a bond between the two works. That's what led me to watching Janet's video alongside Tanlines' song. What a marriage! The tribal qualities of Tanlines' work meshes so well with the setting of the "Escapade" video--and just wait until the dancing begins! Mute Janet and start Tanlines at about the 50second mark: then watch Janet's classic video unfold to Tanlines' catchy jangle. Yes, the official video for "All of Me" is interesting enough on its own--a sort of post-communist club reunion gone bizarre, if that's possible. But the meshing with "Escapade" brings an even bigger smile to my face. I wanna go! Enjoy!

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