Thursday, August 27, 2009


Fumi Nagasaka's work has a bluntness to it. Perhaps this is to do with her love for Rock and sometimes grittier side of music in general. On her site you can find edge, but also a softness in her work. The site is well organized and I am loving that she uses her inspirations so well in her photos. I'm loving the Fleetwood Mac inspired spread so much (picture above featured). Her work can be found in many magazines including Dazed and Confused. You can check out her blog, too. There you will find more of a "behind the scenes" feel and a look at Fumi's world.

Fumi Nagasaka ONLINE HERE

Monday, August 24, 2009

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in NYLON GUYS

The September issue of Nylon Guys is jammed packed, like usual, with great looks, clothes, and cultural tidbits. It is sporting a slightly new look, too. On the cover is Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He is featured in an article where he discusses what he thinks of fame, but more importantly, his newest work in 500 Days of Summer and GI Joe. Gordon-Levitt does not want to come off as self-important and even compares acting with prostitution.

BERLIN, the city, is featured. These days, it seems as if the German City is destination number one for creatives and outliers. Burlesque Dancer Miss Marz Star says about BERLIN, "[It's] like New York was 30 years ago."

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Current Issue of DAZEDandCONFUSED

The August Issue of DAZED features a look into the movie industry in Africa, specifically Nigeria. NOLLYWOOD is allegedly the 3rd largest movie industry in the world. It's an industry unto itself minus the exploitation that takes place with films that are shot in Africa by folks from abroad. The movies of NOLLYWOOD are made by and feature local talent. Themes are those apart of Nigerian culture: from folklore to very modern issues. They have a distinct flavor. Photographer Pieter Hugo, with the help of local makeup artist Gabazzini Zuo, embarked on a project creating vibrant images to help showcase some of that flavor.

Dazed article by Federica Angelucci


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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Belle and Sebastian's Stuart Murdoch in PASTE

Paste Magazine has a nice article about Belle and Sebastian frontman, Stuart Murdoch, in the issue on stands now. It's actually apart of Paste's International Issue #2 (the first out after devoted readers helped to save the mag from financial collapse). Anytime is a good time to peer into the life of Glasgow Scotland's best known music man. And, the article takes readers on a ride from Glasgow, to the countryside, to Murdoch's own church. The frontman talks about his latest project, "God Help the Girl." He decided to make a movie, but before filming a single scene he has produced a soundtrack. Unorthodox, perhaps, but fans won't mind. We can only hope that the movie will turn out as good as the music which features fellow Belle cohorts and vocals from several female vocalists. Best quote from the article (Scotland Bard: Stuart Murdoch Finds Inspiration in Glasgow, Girl Groups and God by Nick Marino for Paste Magazine): Murdoch trying to calm the nerves of his wife says, "What's somebody going to do, beat me to death with their knitting needles?"

Read Article: Stuart Murdoch in Paste Magazine

ALSO IN: Album reviews featuring Regina Spektor and Moby. Movie review of 500 Days of Summer. Meet artists from around the globe including 4 from Iceland. Funny homage to the eccentrics of Bjork.

PASTE, Online Here