Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"The Mightly Power"--Moriyama by Ringo Tang

Daido Moriyama is celebrating his first solo exhibition in Hong Kong. This short film by Ringo Tang, "The Mighty Power," follows Moriyama as he wonders the streets of Hong Kong, providing some fascinating insight into his processes, and his understanding of the importance and power of photography. He explains how photography, today, is much more casual and personal: more inline with his own approach as it has been documented across his career. What I enjoy the most is how Tang's film captures Moriyama as he lurks around the city of Hong Kong, experiencing his passion for life and photography in his own way. It makes me want to pick up a camera and travel--alone--into the shadows of a great city. As Moriyama says, "I love to burrow in mysterious lanes, to detect the unusual scent [...;] cities are flooded with desire." Enjoy.
Source: Nowness

Daido Moriyama: The Mighty Power on Nowness.com.

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