Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kita-Kore, Koenji, Tokyo, Japan

I'm a huge fan of DIY aesthetics and practices--aesthetics meaning the way you can see so much personality and individuality that is bled into many DIY projects and pieces. There has recently been a bright spark of interest in one particular DIY and fashion sector from Tokyo. Of course, I am referring to the Kita-Kore kids in Tokyo's Koenji neighborhood. This is a much older and (maybe until recently) much less touristed section of the city--hence the possibility for start-up, and younger stores/companies being able to afford their spaces (no matter how small--and many are miniscule, yet packed with flavor). The beacon of creativity in the Koenji hood is the Kita-Kore building where one can find stacks and mazes of tiny shops that cater to the most eccentric and vibrantly styled folks who seek out what is next in fashion and design. Style Bubble posted about a trip to the district back in May 2011 in which you can get a better idea about how creatively inspirational these Kita-Kore kids/stores can be.

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