Friday, February 3, 2012

M.I.A. "Bad Girls"

FINALLY!!++M.I.A is BACK--but for real this time!!! This is the best video thus far: 2012. Maybe MDNA had a talk with our truffle frie eatting Sri Lankan pop-raptress. This video and song is the perfect marriage. M.I.A. has taken herself out of the box of "authenticity" and has figured out how to fully realize that which she really is: a woman with a perspective that is so very needed right now. Who that woman is has been so expertly represented in this video for "Bad Girls." M.I.A. has a unique worldview and background, but she is also a pop sensation: at last (I hope I don't speak too soon) she seems to have found the best way to balance the two sides that make her such a unique force in today's Fu*k'd up world!!!! It's so rare that I can be pulled back over into a more "mainstream" music world--but M.I.A is just the woman to do it. I just want it to work this time. Let's just hope Jay-Z doesn't get his hands on this song--PLEZZZZ! she doesn't need 'em.

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