Saturday, July 16, 2011


VeneriDesign (LONDON) offers very creative pieces including this "nuke" lamp--which makes quiet a statement as well as looking rather intriguing and illuminating. A piece I enjoy, as a book lover, is the "bookoral" shelving that is structured in a tree-like formation. See more from VeneriDesign HERE.
See more of the "nuke" lamp HERE on Selectism

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Noisey feat. Trippple Nippples

I love this photo taken by Alex Singh for Vice at a Trippple Nippples show--the guy's expression is one of awe and ecstatic thrill.  The Trippple Nippples put on crazy shows with full on electro energy. I enjoy Vice Media's Noisey site: on it you can see and listen to bands around the world at live shows and in interveiws. This video is "Meet Trippple Nippples." I enjoy the song "Tokyo City." The band is currently in Japan, but I hope they make stateside appearances soon--would love to experience a TN affair. In this mini-doc, the band throw a electro feather fueled bash in a Tokyo karaoke bar.