Friday, September 4, 2009

The Real Housewives of Atlanta & Project Runway

If it is on BRAVOtv, then I will probably watch least a few times. They know me, they have researched me, they have me hooked. I will even watch the Rachel Zoe show in which the cast is in a constant scramble to find the perfect dress for Anne Hathaway. I will watch Flipping Out, where a house flipper spends most the time abusing his assistants.

But, the BEST show on BRAVO right now is...THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA

Hands down. This is my favorite show at the moment. I have watched a few other housewife shows, but none can match what they are doing in ATL. The show even looks more glossy (which I love) and the women just have more going on, literally. They jam pack their shows with so much and they have a good time doing it. There is enough drama, gossip, and "hood" luxuriousness going on in this show, how can you not watch?

In what other show will you get a housewife stripping on camera or hamming it up with her Best-Gay as he puts on heels during a photo shoot? Oh, NENE. An entire show could just center around this lady. Oh wait, it already does. It's called THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA.

A guilty pleasure of mine.

WATCH here

This leads me to what used to be my favorite BRAVO show, PROJECT RUNWAY
It's definitely different than Housewives ATL because I watch on a much more mellow level, watching artistic creations take shape. Tim Gunn's voice can put you at ease and his Gunnisms are the best. And Heidi Klum, she can be mean sometimes, but look so good at it.

Watch HERE

Unfortunately the cast of designers this season are a bit lackluster in the personality side. In previous seasons, you could count on having at least a handful of spitfire personalities, but that just is not the case this season which finds the show moved to LIFETIME. It's not as fun, and the designers are just so serious. Even worse, the entire show looks cheaper: It doesn't have the glossy sheen it had when on BRAVO. Like some of the designs on the show, the show itself just isn't constructed as well as it has been.

But, I will keep on watching. Hoping it will get better as I invest time in the cast of designers. Truth be told, I do tune in a 10 and then flip to BRAVO for Housewives ATL. Luckily BRAVO knows me so well, they are smart enough to rerun the show immediately at 11. So intuitive. And, lets be honest, RUNWAY is the only show I am tuning into on LIFETIME no matter how hard they try to pull me away from my true TV mistress, BRAVO.

Oh, and funny enough, when I did a Google search for "Project Runway" the BRAVO site is listed first, followed by the LIFETIME site.

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