Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Grass Eaters on SLATE

A recent article on SLATE took a look at the trend of "grass-eating boys" in Japan, or soushoku danshi and examines why trend is present and what it is all about.

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It made me wonder if a trend like this could find its way to the American society. Particularly due to the slow down in our economy. The Recession has already caused people to reevaluate personal spending and priorities. I believe that it is plausible that many young guys will, more and more, turn away from the larger corporations that may have generated huge incomes, but in a volatile manner and at a cost of free spirit and free time, and they will turn to means of income that are more in line with a more "humble" lifestyle. I know that there are already several "Grass Eaters" in my neighborhood. I, for one, hope that the trend does pick up. I think that the way we consume in America is shifting and that includes the ways in which we use our consumption to evaluate our lives in terms of "measuring up." The eating of grass symbolizes turning away from "the hunt" and finding greater solace and value in what you already have and in what may be more easily obtained.

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