Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bruce Weber Special Exhibition

There is a lot that can be said about Bruce Weber including his vision, amount of work, effect his work has had, and the array of his work. It's prolific to say the lest. There is a special exhibition brought by Sundance Channel that is ONLINE. It features photos, interviews, video clips, and even a playlist. It's a great look at the man. I enjoy his work so much because he is able to reach into his subjects and pull out a feeling that only he can and that feeling is represented throughout all his work.



GONE FISHING - A LITTLE JOURNEY IN MY BACK YARD is the first online exhibition of the films and photographs of acclaimed filmmaker and photographer Bruce Weber. The exhibition features clips from Bruce's award winning documentaries and shorts as well as the full-length Pet Shop Boys music video BEING BORING, and YOU FEEL ME, a documentary short film. --Sundance Channel Site

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