Sunday, September 27, 2009

Projects by Gary McLeod

Gary McLeod is a researcher/traveler/photographer who documents much of his subjects using a lense from the 19th century over his 21st century camera. The result (after accumulating upwards of 400 pics per final image) is a tiled effect. It's a creative process and brings a quality to the work that would not be there otherwise by uncovering a bit more of the image than would be seen with the "pure" photo approach.

The project that got my interest was that entitled "Privilege." McLeod photographs English Teachers in Japan using the "tiled" process. Being a English teacher in Japan myself, at one time, the images took me back. I even noticed that most of the teachers wore watches. This is typically a must for the profession. You have to keep the pace of those 45min lessons. The "Privilege" project gives a good look at the expat work force in Japan: who they are and where they come from. McLeod notes that the photos, "are a record of people taking an opportunity that may or may not be around forever." The idea for the project was heavily influenced by "native race" photos thru-out history.

His website is worth checking out, particularly if you like photography. CLICK HERE

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