Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tokyo! RENT IT NOW!!

I was finally able to see Tokyo! It's set in my favorite city and the stories told are brilliant. However, my favorite is the opening story "Interior Design." This first short was directed by  Michael Gondry. You can get the synopsis on the movie website (link above). But, I found it very powerful in the way it made me think about my life and what my purpose is. Don't we all want to fill useful? The story starts simple enough but slowly develops into a almost fablelike ending.

There are two additional shorts that are compiled into the whole by directors Bong Joon-Ho (story about a recluse or 'hikimori) and Leos Carax (story about a manlike creature that lives in the Tokyo sewers). The film is similar to "Je Taime, Paris" but focused on Tokyo, of course. There is actually another "city" film coming out soon, focused on New York City.

Tokyo! captures the vibe of the city and of the Japanese people and their society. The stories are very intricate yet simple at the same time. It's facinating to see the take on the city by non-Japanese directors.


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