Thursday, October 8, 2009

Freaky Fortnight on SLATE

Slate editor, Michael Agger, and his wife, Susan Burton, are in the midst of an experiment of sorts. They have swapped jobs for 2 weeks. The switch has just started and you can follow their entries on the topic on Twitter and Facebook, OR read the articles HERE.

I have just started to read and am truly intrigued and curious about how the experiment will turn out. I am a bit surprised by my interest. You see, Mike and Susan are Thirty-somethings, married, with children. I am definitely not any of those things, yet I find the perspective and thoughts the two are sharing entertaining and enlightening. The Park Slope parents seem to be happy with their current life, but tell about the difficult decisions they both have had to    make in regards to finding the work/life balance.

Being a bit younger, unmarried, and without children, I am taking notes as to the circumstances and subsequent outcomes of the couples decisions and challenges. I think there is some definite value in the articles Mike and Susan are writing.


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