Monday, October 12, 2009

This American Life takes on Health Care

I just finished listening to a fascinating edition of This American Life on NPR. There is a lot being said these days in regards to the Health Care debate, and as the show has done many times before with other topics, This American Life has given us a more clear, in depth, and pertinent view on the issues that impact the American Health Care System (Click the link below to listen).

There are so many parts to the Health Care puzzle that must be considered when developing the best plan of action to SAVE the entire system. Costs are spinning out of control and all major parties seem to understand this fact, including the Insurance Companies who would arguably stand to reap greater profits if NOTHING changed. But, these companies, just as doctors, hospital systems, and patients themselves understand, the system will collapse completely if nothing changes. In the past decade, costs associated with Health Care have risen 130%. If nothing changes, we could face a reality in which HALF of our income goes toward Health Care. That is only 9 years away if nothing changes.

But, what are the main problems and how can they be addressed and corrected? This American Life gives us a nice perspective of some of these In the show, we hear from doctors, patients, insurance reps, and journalists who have followed the issue for decades. The show today was the first of two parts, because there is so much to cover.

If you want a better picture of this very important debate, CHECK OUT THE SHOW HERE.

It is CODE RED for our Health Care System and it's an issue that can no longer be ignored.

THIS AMERICAN LIFE: 391: More of Less

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