Thursday, May 6, 2010

Super Gaijin: funny video

So I am a bit of a Japanophile and while cruising some blogs I came across this jewel of a video. I think they guy portraying "Super Gaijin" is an actor or model (the video below is a commercial for shirt brand Nara Camicie--but funny too). "Gaijin" means foreigner in Japanese. The video is satire on the way some visitors and expats in Japan act--sticking out like a sour thumb sometimes, and trying to make Japan and Japanese more like them instead of the other way around (no acculturation).The English lyrics are below the video. Stupid Funny. Maybe you have to have lived there to appreciate...

Everybody in Japan, don't worry
It's O.K., because I'm a Gaijin
From now on, I'll save you
I'm a Gaijin ... cool
I don't understand Japanese
I want to speak English
From now on, I'll teach you
I'm a Gaijin ... cool
I've been all over Japan
Everybody says they like me
But I don't pay attention
I don't really like nato
I'm strong because I'm a Gaijin
Japanese people are delicious rice snacks
Super Gaijin is right here
In Japan ... Tochigi prefecture is famous
me, me, me
Gaijin, Gaijin, Gaijin
save, save, save you
super, super, super cool
I came from abroad
I'm a gaijin, nice to meet 'ya
I like samurai
I like bonsai plants
before I came to Japan, I watched manga
I thought that was cool
And so I came to Japan
I'm a Gaijin, nice to meet 'ya
Everyday, everyday I enjoy Japan
Everywhere I hear, "Save me!"
If that's the case,
Look! Here is a Gaijin
Don't worry, I'm here
Don't worry, Gaijin's skills
are numerous, so I can't lose
Japanese people and Gaijin ... fly!
me, me, me
Gaijin, Gaijin, Gaijin
save, save, save you
super, super, super cool

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