Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Obamitas Cookies: Based on President Obama

A Branding and Design firm in Spain have created a cookie inspired by President Barak Obama. Maybe you have seen this before. The firm, Neos Brand, gained some coverage on this chocolate treat in various publications, but I am just coming across it. My first thought is: Is this racist in any way? In all fairness, I am sure that the firm did not intentionally make the cookie as a racist gesture and to be mean spirited. On the contrary, it is probably a nod and a compliment to America's first Black President. But, the group must have known that there would be questions about RACE raised by their design. And maybe that is part of the project. Unfortunately, I do not speak nor read Spanish. If you do, however, Neos Brand have provided a case study for the "OBAMITAS COOKIE" (link below). 

I suppose my main concern is that, unless you count the addition of slightly large ears on the "face" of the cookie, there is truly no likeness to President Obama. And giving nods to the ears is pushing it, I think. And a chocolate cookie nonetheless... The cookie does give an example of the power of the "Obama Brand" and the president's apparent mass appeal. But where do we draw the line? Black gummy Obamas anyone?


obamitas said...


Thank you very much for publishing our obamitas on my blog. I'm one of those responsible, the study Neos Brand.

My English is not quite fluent, but I will try to clarify your doubts. Our cookies are inspired by the message of hope of President Obama. Our intention is to send a message cheerful, positive and generate a smile to those who take the obamitas ... has nothing to do with his color ...


The Rogue Prince said...

Javier, Thanks for clarifying. The cookies definitely look cheerful and positive and I am sure that they taste good, too! Regards.