Friday, August 12, 2011

Moshi Moshi Handset for Mobiles from Juno Design Shop

I do believe that many people might find the "retro" version of a phone receiver to be more comfortable for use during longer calls. Many people might also find a thrill in the act of holding the slightly curved object in their hands or--as is probably most widely the case in use--wedged between the side of their heads and their shoulder (particularly during a longer conversation that takes place while in the act of multitasking). For those of us who have known such experiences in communication, the Moshi Moshi retro handset for mobiles offers a creative and surprising refresher in the old land-line phone-call dance. This device also decreases the possibility of cell-phone fueled cancers. I'm enjoying the Moshi Moshi idea--one that bridges the past with the present/old with new--old becoming new again. The Moshi Moshi handset is reasonably priced (with ore without a base) and can be used with a computer as well as your smartphone. See more and read more HERE.
Source: Ozon

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