Friday, January 28, 2011

Pre-war animation from Japan

This is a clip of a animated story created in Japan before WWII (so prior to 1939). The cartoon is about a wolf that is nursed back to health by a friendly rabbit only to regain its strength, resulting in his pursuit of the caring rabbit for dinner. There are subtitles. It's interesting to see what was going on in the nation of Japan before its major reconstruction after the end of WWII. And, it is very cute--for lack of a better word. The clip was found by a gentleman--Josh Wagner--who says it was brought from Japan to the US by his great-grandfather. Wagner has also put together a nice documentary featuring more clips and photos of pre-war Japan with some narration by his uncle whom lived in Japan for many years as a kid with his parents who were missionaries. See that clip HERE on Japan Probe.

Pre-WWII Japanese Animation (with subtitles) from Josh Wagner on Vimeo.

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