Thursday, December 9, 2010

FM3 Buddha Machine

The FM3 Buddha Machine is a loop device that plays a selection of ambient soundscapes. The device has a speaker or you can plug-in headphones to take it with you on the go. I imagine that listening to the FM3 Buddha Machine while in transit--gazing out at the windows at all that passes--could be quite the experience. Or, just great to have on in the house. The Buddha Machine is interesting because there is debate as to how to describe it: is it more of an ambient album presented and packaged in a ready to play mode?; is it a lo-fi music maker?; is it a Pop Art piece using design and sound? No matter how you think about it, the Buddha Machine is a cool gadget that stimulates thought--particularly in regards to the idea of putting albums out as self-contained devices--and can help you relax and chill (you can even adjust the pitch or simply skip loops to suit your mood). You can also purchase a FM3 app from itunes if the plastic speaker device is too old school for you. Physical device or App: either way, the cost is not so great to have a cool conversation piece that actually has something to offer. Read more about the FM3 Buddha HERE on their site. You can also learn more and check out the Buddha in action in the video below or HERE on Selectism (Source).

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