Thursday, June 10, 2010

Helen Thomas in Vice Magazine

 Vice Magazine has posted an interview with Helen Thomas online--an interview that will also be published in the next issue of the magazine, but hurried to the web due to the fire-storm created recently in regards to Thomas' remarks on Israeli/Palestine relations.  This is a very insightful interview with a news veteran. It is an interview--coupled with Thomas' now famous remarks--that underscores just how afraid the public and the media are to share opinions that may be contrary to positions assumed to be held by the majority--even afraid to ASK questions (a reason Thomas gives as to how the nation was carried to war after 9-11). What is wrong with "rocking the boat?" Helen Thomas has recently done so--and no matter if you agree with her opinions or not--hopefully her openness will serve as inspiration to others to at least look at issues from all sides.
Read the interview HERE.  
Pic from Vice Magazine: by Richard Kern

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