Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bowie and Nomi on SNL

David Bowie & Klaus Nomi - The Man Who Sold The World from André Goldvasser on Vimeo.

This classic clip is David Bowie doing "The Man Who Sold the World" with help from Klaus Nomi. The entire setup was most likely artistically directed by Nomi. I remember seeing a very interesting documentary about Nomi, "The Nomi Song," a couple of years ago. I recommend it if you are into art, performance, music, quirky people, et al. Check out the website HERE. I love this clip because it showcases the type of out there performances that Bowie is famous for. Find out more about the clip and performance from Lurve Magazine HERE. I am also happy that current trends in musical performance are finding inspiration from these types of  innovative works from the past. Still, it's not enough just to DO, you must also FEEL it. Remember that...Lady GaGa.

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