Thursday, July 9, 2009

J.A. Daye: Designer in Hong Kong

J.A. Daye is a designer located in Hong Kong. He moved there about 3 years ago from NYC. The website is worth checking out for more than just fashion. It gives great insight on the most interesting parts of Hong Kong. You can download a guide on the city from the "about" page. The site is very fresh. Daye, himself, poses for pictures wearing his designs, taken at various spots around Hong Kong.

Daye wants to provide a more tailored option for guys. A nicely tailored suit, shirt, or pair of slacks can truly set you apart from the rest of the men in the room. Daye's clothes are tailored in Hong Kong, but you can watch videos on his site that explain how to properly measure yourself (Daye recommends having a friend to help, a glass of wine, and the measuring tape, of course) so you can input those measurements into a personal account, created right on the site, and wait for your personally fitted garment(s) to arrive. The designs have a classic feel but with a modern edge. The colors and materials are also unique; coming from a wide range of places including Japan and China. Prices are very reasonable.

J.A. Daye, his business, and website are a real example of a new-wave global business. It has an international feel but delivered with local (in this case Hong Kong) flavor.

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