Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Photography books can be quite expensive despite being well worth the cost (if you are fortunate enough to have it). That is why it is great to find sites that give you a look inside a book of photos for free. One such site is home to a sample series of works by photographer Masataka Nakano (link above: you do not need to hit the english button to navigate and will see more of the site by not hitting it). There are several books featured on the site. The title with the greatest popularity is most likely "Tokyo Nobody," the first book Nakano had published. In it, the great city of Tokyo is photographed minus a certain, almost vital, part of any functioning city: People. The book took about 10 years to complete and for good reason. The series of photos were taken predominately during Japanese New Year Observations when most city dwellers return to the country side to be with family. This fleeing, in turn, leaves the streets of Tokyo relatively vacant.

The absence of people gives the cityscapes an naked feeling. The newly exposed structures take center stage and to fantastic effect. As inhabitants take a break from the city, the city enjoys a break from it's inhabitants. What is most enjoyable about looking at Nakano's work in "Tokyo Nobody" is observing streets, buildings, alleys, parks, and getting a sense of the uniqueness and presence that the structures have. They live, even without a human presence.

Another great Nakano book to check out is "Tokyo Windows." Again, you get to see parts of the city (even if you have visited Tokyo before) that you have never seen before. What is unique is that Nakano sets up each photo from the vantage point of looking out from a window onto the scene beyond. By doing so, you can better understand how a neighborhood and surrounding aspects can be very strong contributors to a person's state of mind. Many of the photos have a slight voyeuristic feel to them. One photo taken from the office overlooking the Mori Tower in Roppongi. In it, you can even get a glimpse of a random picture laying on the desk. Looking out onto the cityscape left me feeling as if I were there, standing over my desk, ready to escape the office and be taken in by the living, breathing, city before me.

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